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One way rentals are available for some major airport and city destinations. however, certain restrictions, separate charges and fees levied by the car rental agency, may apply. the charges and fees do vary location by location and supplier by supplier. Key drop-off boxes available in many locations that lets you return your rental car after the operation hours. Take the worry out of a sudden or unexpected trip interruption with a one-way car rental.

Any way to avoid the one-way car rental drop off-fee ??

Some people rent a car for the travel portion of the trip, then return it as soon as they reach the final destination. Then they rent another car for the time they are in the final destination. This 'trick' works when the car rental agency you've chosen has a per-day higher fee instead of the one-way drop fee.

You may get discounts at Costco or your local auto club like AAA, CAA.

Some of the the best rental price I have been able to secure so far is with smaller rental companies like fox rent a car.

Always check the rental car web sites periodically for new rates. Like the airlines, rental car companies change their rates constantly. However, unlike the airlines, there is no penalty for canceling or making changes to your car rental reservation. I have always saved on a one-week rental by rebooking my car rental reservation when the rate dropped.

If you are unable to book through the above suppliers you will have to call the car rental agencies directly. Click here for Toll Free Numbers of Car Rental Agencies.

If you want to pick up a car in one state and drop it off in another state, be prepared to pay a significant drop off fee. The further away the drop off location is from your pickup point, usually the higher the drop off charge will be. For one-way rentals, check about drop-off charges. They can be exorbitant in some areas.

Most online booking system relies on information provided by third-party reservation systems that do not accurately quote one-way rentals in all situations. Furthermore, not all car companies offer one way rentals in all markets and not all car types are available for one-way rentals. Reserve your car rental online quickly and securely.

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