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coupon $25 Free Driving In The Tank
Join Zipcar and get $25 free driving in the tank. Hourly and daily rates include gas, insurance and all the fixings
coupon $25 Free Driving Credit : Canada
Pay as you go. Literally. Drive Mon-Fri with no annual fee. Pay by the hour or day. Gas is on us! Canada Only.
coupon $25 Driving Credit Signup+ 25% Off First Drive
Expires : 2017-06-30

Zipcar Coupon Code :   GMIFHSOF
coupon $10 Off : Canadian Collegiate
Canadian Collegiate: Live near campus? So does Zipcar. Join Zipcar and get $10 Off the first-year membership. Toronto, Vancouver
coupon $25 Free Driving Offer
Exp : 2017-03-27   Verified
Join Zipcar Today and get $25 free driving in The Tank. Hourly and daily rates include gas, insurance and 180 free miles per day
coupon $25 Driving Credit and 25% Off First Drive

Zipcar Coupon Code :   actkfutv
coupon 25% Off Your First Reservation
25% Off Your First Reservation + $25 Credit Added To Your Account
Zipcar Coupon Code :   yjmonrdf
coupon $25 In Free Driving
Expires : 2017-12-31

Zipcar Coupon Code :   qsocazcb

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Zipcar is the best car sharing and car club service and an alternative to traditional car rental and car ownership in United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Austria and Turkey.

Members can reserve Zipcars with Zipcar's mobile app, online or by phone at any time, immediately or up to a year in advance

Don't have a car on campus, but need a way to get around? Zipcar is Here! Students can rent Zipcars for short-term, round-trip rentals

Zipcars are conveniently located in high-demand areas and are self-service. They can easily be reserved online and accessed at any time.
Always check the periodically for new rates. Like the airlines, rental car companies change their rates constantly. However, unlike the airlines, there is no penalty for canceling or making changes to your Zipcar car rental reservation. I have always saved on a one-week rental by rebooking my car rental reservation when the rate dropped.

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